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Newsletter - Wear Blue Fridays in April to Support Child Abuse Prevention

Dear Families,

Spring has sprung? Kinda of? Though our Spring Fairy visited on Wednesday, spring doesn’t feel like it has come quite yet!

In 2 weeks, on March 30th, we will be having our Egg Hunt here at school. If you would like to donate plastic eggs, stickers, temporary tattoos or other NON-EDIBLE items to go inside the eggs for the egg hunt, please give them to the classroom teachers or to me. ABSOLUTLY NO HARD-BOILED EGGS! We have some children with allergies who cannot have the hard-boiled eggs.

April will bring many new events. Our Week of the Young Child celebrations will be the week of April 16th-20th. The Week of the Young Child is an annual celebration hosted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) celebrating early learning, young children, their teachers, and families. This is an opportunity for us to celebrate all that goes into creating a strong foundation for learning. This year we have several things scheduled. Please see your child’s newsletter and teachers for what they will be doing in each classroom

  • Monday, April 16th is Music Monday!

  • Tuesday, April 17th is Tasty Tuesday!

  • Wednesday, April 18th is Working together Wednesday! It is also Teacher Appreciation Day!

  • Thursday, April 19th is Artsy Thursday! Be sure to wear old clothes that day

  • Friday, April 20th is Family Friday! This day we will celebrate our families and all that we do together.

As you know, April is also Child Abuse Awareness Month. We will be participating in Pinwheels for Prevention through Prevent Child Abuse NC. Pinwheels for Prevention is a national campaign to recognize the importance of safe, stable, nurturing relationships for all children. We are creating a pinwheel garden in the yard to help create awareness of activities proven to prevent child abuse and neglect, such as high quality, early education programs like this one. We are hoping that this will help start conversations about the important role we all play in helping children thrive. Please join us in participating in Pinwheels for Prevention by completing, with your child, the pinwheel that will be sent home at the end of the month. When you send the pinwheel back, we will plant them in the front yard. The children will also be planting additional pinwheels that the children make here at school.

We have also asked everyone to WEAR BLUE on Fridays in April to help bring awareness to the importance of these safe, stable, nurturing environments for young children. If you wear blue on Fridays, be sure to take a picture (and pictures of our pinwheel garden) and posts these to social media with the hashtag #greatchildhood. This is another part of the Prevent Child Abuse NC campaign and will help bring more awareness to the issues in young children’s lives. Please help us (and all young children) by taking just a few minutes to participate in fun activities and join the conversation about what it takes to create a great childhood for all children.

A couple of reminders:

  • Please remember to sign your child in and out daily

  • Some families have more than one child. It is against NC state law to leave a child unattended in a car while you run in to the school to pick up the other child. We know it can be a hassle to get a child out of a car seat or to ask an older child to come inside with you, but you cannot leave a child unattended in the car. Please see me if you have any questions.

  • With weather is changing day by day. One day may be warm and another may be very cold. Please dress your child in layers each day and make sure there are extra clothes in their cubby.

Upcoming events:

  • Wednesday, April 18th is Teacher Appreciation Day! Please help us celebrate our wonderful teachers on this day!

  • Wednesday, May 9th is Customer Appreciation Day (more details to come)

  • Friday, May 18th will be our annual Bell’s School picnic! (more details to come)

We will be closed the week of Spring Break, April 2-6th. If you have not requested your vacation week, tuition will still be due. Please pay on Friday, March 30th to get the discount.

And the most important thing of all……

On April 1, 2018………

Bell’s School will turn 40!!!

This means 40 years of providing high quality early education to the families of Western North Carolina.

We will be celebrating this milestone during the Week of the Young Child. Keep your eyes open for more details!

Have a great week! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at or

Catherine Lieberman

“Miss Catherine”

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