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Newsletter - Pictures & Week of the Young Child

Dear Families,

Welcome to April! As we have seen only this week, that means weather that can go from hot to cold to rainy to windy very quickly! Dressing children in layers this time of year is always a great idea. Our mornings will be cooler than our afternoons so it helps if the children are dressed in layers and can take off some clothes as they warm up. Spring also means muddy playgrounds so please make sure there are extra clothes in your child’s cubby.

If you have not paid for pictures yet, they are $30. Checks can be made out to Jennifer Forman. You can leave checks in the payment box on the sign in table and I will make sure they get to Jennifer. I have already seen some of the pictures and they are really wonderful!

As you know, April is Child Abuse Awareness Month. We will be participating in Pinwheels for Prevention through Prevent Child Abuse NC. Pinwheels for Prevention is a national campaign to recognize the importance of safe, stable, nurturing relationships for all children. We are creating a pinwheel garden in the yard to help create awareness of activities proven to prevent child abuse and neglect, such as high quality, early education programs like this one. We are hoping that this will help start conversations about the important role we all play in helping children thrive. Please join us in participating in Pinwheels for Prevention by completing, with your child, the pinwheel that is sent home this week. When you send the pinwheel back next week, we will plant them in the front yard. The children will also be planting additional pinwheels that the children make here at school.

We have also ask everyone to WEAR BLUE on Fridays this month to help bring awareness to the importance of these safe, stable, nurturing environments for young children. If you wear blue on Fridays, be sure to take a picture (and pictures of our pinwheel garden) and posts these to social media with the hashtag #greatchildhood. This is another part of the Prevent Child Abuse NC campaign and will help bring more awareness to the issues in young children’s lives. Please help us (and all young children) by taking just a few minutes to participate in fun activities and join the conversation about what it takes to create a great childhood for all children.

Don’t forget Spring Break is April 17th-21st. During that week, school will be closed to parents and children as we do annual maintenance and staff development. If you have any questions, please see me.

The week of April 24h-28th is the Week of the Young Child! This is an annual celebration hosted by NAEYC celebrating early learning, young children, teachers and families. The teachers have some great activities planned and we would love to have your participation! Parent volunteers needed every day!

  • Monday, April 24th is Music Monday! Join us for some fun (and creative) music and movement activities. If you have a special dance or play and instrument and would like to join us, please do! Talk to your child’s teachers about what they are planning and how to participate.

  • Tuesday, April 25th is Tasty Tuesday! We will be tasting unusual foods for snack. Do you and your child have a special, unusual snack you would like to share? Maybe some star fruit or artichoke hearts or hearts of palm? If you and your child have something that you would like to share, please bring it in!

  • Wednesday, April 26th is Working Together Wednesday! We are all members of the Bell’s School Community and we all work together to make our school great. On this day, each classroom has a project for the parents and the children to do together. Please talk to your child’s teacher and make some time to join us to work together!

  • Thursday, April 27th is Artsy Thursday! Time for some big art! Each classroom has an exciting art project planned and they will be displayed around the school all next month!

  • Friday, April 28th is Family Friday! Each classroom has a special family activity planned. Maybe it is telling family stories or showing family albums. See your child’s teacher for more information.

Don’t forget! Teacher Appreciation Day is Wednesday, April 26th. Our teachers make such a difference in the lives of the children in their classrooms. This is a great day to let our teachers know how much we appreciate them.

School Picnic is Friday, May 19th. This is a time for all the families of Bell’s School to come together for fun and socialization. Please mark your calendar! The rain day will be Monday, May 22nd.

Have a great week! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at or

Catherine Lieberman

“Miss Catherine”

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