Bell's School was founded on the principle that children do not develop skills at the same rate. Therefore, individualized teaching is a necessity. Each child is encouraged to develop at his or her own speed. Our programs are designed to maintain the natural love of learning born in every child. Group work allows flexibility for individual preference and creativity. 


Our developmentally appropriate curriculum has opportunities for children to grow at their own speed through stretch activities that are challenging but do-able. Teachers look for continuing opportunities to foster self-esteem in every child. When the teacher respects and listens to the child, the child builds the self-confidence and self-respect which are the foundation for social interaction and persistence in the face of setbacks and optimism. 


Developed over the past 40 years, Bell's School combines our preferred philosophies to form the core of our approach to daily learning. Music, developmentally appropriate art, physical activity and problem solving are interwoven into a literature-rich curriculum which guides children in these most important years of brain development. 

Bell's School

for people under six




Bell's School

for people under six

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