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Bell's School is a high quality early education program with full day attendance options for working parents. The NC Department of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE) is the licensing body for all early education and child care programs in the state. Bell's School has earned a 5-star license from DCDEE out of a possible 5 stars. This designation notified parents that the school meets the highest criteria set by the state in three (3) categories: Teacher Education, Program Standards, and a Quality Point that is met by enhanced teacher:student ratios.
Beyond the 5-star rating, the school has been accredited in the past by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The school is in the self-study process for renewal of this accreditation which is done every three (3) years. 


 In 1978 at the age of 28 and with a two year old, Isabel Taylor found herself in need of additional income for her family. Upon inspection of existing child care in the Asheville area there was not one full day program that even closely met the standards she was looking for. Children were kept in basements with no windows, and in converted garages. Caregivers/teachers were undereducated and underpaid. The groups were too large for any child to get proper attention. Full day child care was so new at the time that the regulatory guidelines were "to prevent children from harm". 

"Miss Bell" felt that indeed harm was being done to these very young children. Understanding that there were many other parents who were looking for similar quality programs, she decided to open her own school. 

Over the 40 years that Bell's School has been open change has been ongoing. Always looking to new, peer reviewed research based methods, the school has developed a unique focus on the individual child. This approach has been developed into the Michaux Method which is being written about by "Miss Bell" to be published in the near future. The approach drastically reduces the number of children in each classroom while elevating the educational levels of the teachers. 

Now semi-retired, "Miss Bell" oversees the fundamental goal of individualization of group care at the school while writing a book on her observations of the changes in the field of early childhood development throughout the years.


 Catherine earned an undergraduate in Birth-Kindergarten Education and graduate work in Child Development. Her more than 25 years of teaching experience is enhanced by 10 years of work in professional development and early education advocacy. Teaching is an on-going educational process and Catherine oversees the continuing education and professional development of the teachers and staff at the school. Catherine has worked as a teacher, curriculum director, coach, mentor and assistant director and consultant for Bell's School for 20 years before she assumed the post of director in 2015. 



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Bell's School

for people under six

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